Ahoy! I'm Pete Szijarto, a film editor living in surprise surprise, Los Angeles! I'm an offline, and online editor of scripted, unscripted films, branded & social content, and more. I also freelance post-produce, direct content, and operate a turnkey post-production solution for ULB indie films called PigsAlreadyFly.

Some notable achievements in editing include winning Best Web Series at the American Black Film Festival in 2020 for "Loving In America," Official Selection for "Uncle" at the 2021 Fantastic Fest, receiving Best of Fest at the 2022 Panic Fest for "The Rotting of Casey Culpepper", and most recently for editing "Outliars" which is a 2023 HollyShorts Official Selection. Please see this page for a full list of festival appearances.

In my free time I write my own screenplays, go to see films, repair vintage electronics, skateboard, practice Brazilian JiuJitsu, learn new things to cook, and I love to hike.

If you have content or a film that needs editing, don't hesitate to reach out.

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