Pete Szijarto is a Los Angeles based film and commercial editor with over 15 years of experience. He's multi-genre with a knack for comedy, quite handy with color, audio mixing, music editing, motion, and light vfx.
He also post-produces content and narrative projects, directs content, and operates a fully remote turnkey post-production solution for ultra low budget indie films called PigsAlreadyFly.
Some notable achievements include having work appear in over 80+ festivals along with winning Best Web Series at the American Black Film Festival in 2020 for "Loving In America," Official Selection for "Uncle" at the 2021 Fantastic Fest, Best of Fest at the 2022 Panic Fest for "The Rotting of Casey Culpepper", and Official Selection at the 2023 HollyShorts for "Outliars."
In his free time, he writes scripts, repairs vintage electronics, and hosts a meditative chess event called "Destress With Chess."

Taken on the set of his upcoming film, "Maybe"


Sonja O'Hara — Director of the acclaimed "Mid-Century" feature film and "Doomsday" tv series
Pete is a tremendous editor, and a wonderful collaborator. His work is diligent and specific, and he’s extremely talented. At the end of the day, he’ll meet all your deadlines and turn in a remarkable final product. I’d hire Pete again in a heartbeat and know he’s going to continue to rapidly rise in the editing world as it’s hard to find a team player with both real ability, and a giving and generous attitude and work ethic.
Sonja was Producer and Peter was Editor on Outli(a)rs

Steven Feinartz — Director of "From Bleak to Dark" the Marc Maron special among numerous feature docs
Peter has done an incredible job prepping the footage for the edit, and building out string-outs that are proving to be very helpful in the process of making this film. He's a reliable and hard-working person who will be both an asset as an AE , as w ell as an Editor. I highly recommend Peter for both Narrative and Unscripted/Documentary work.
Steven was Director and Peter was Assistant Editor on "Are We Good," the to be released documentary on Marc Maron

Maia Henkin — Director of "Outliars" and "Little Cuts" short films
Pete was invaluable as an editor on our project. He is hard working and collaborative, with an eye for detail. He took all of our footage and truly made it into a story, cutting footage in a new way that was beyond our imagination. He is not just someone who slices and dices, he has a strong perspective and a unique, creative eye. Pete was able to deliver all of our materials on time and had a wonderful attitude. I would absolutely recommend him for any project.
Maia was Director and Peter was Editor on Outliars

Emily Green — Director of the film "Uncle," Officially Selected for the 2021 Fantastic Fest
Pete came highly recommended to me by a trusted colleague who was correct in their assessment of him as being an excellent editor and an incredible person. Pete stepped in after some disappointing editing work had been done and went above and beyond restarting the editing process from the bottom up and doing so quickly. He was able to recommend a VFX guy and a composer to elevate the film and then seamlessly put the music, the VFX and my vision along with his creative input (which was greatly appreciated) to create the best version of UNCLE. Pete listened to my critiques and was easy to work with but I also found that his ideas about how to arrange certain cuts were better than I had originally imagined. I appreciated his creative input. I was always met with a positive, can do attitude and an excitement from Pete each day regardless of the situation or the difficulty while working on my film UNCLE. Uncle was a very delicate, personal, and dark film that I’m glad found its way to completion in Pete’s hands. I am very proud of it and of Pete’s work. Absolutely love him and will be asking him to work on my next film.
Emily was Director and Peter was Editor on UNCLE

Jason Gudasz — Director of the 2021 Sundance premiered film, "Place," currently being developed as a feature
Peter is amazing, a truly magical guy to work with. Very professional and fast, he can handle anything you throw at him. He's always my first recommendation for people when they're looking for an editor.
Jason was Director and Peter was Editor on Loving in America

Sarah Kopkin — Director of "The Walk" short film
Peter came on super last minute after previously having editing issues with another editor and completely saved the day! Not only did he work with us on our quick timeline, but also made sure that everything was exactly how we wanted! Cannot recommended working with him enough!
Sarah was Director and Peter was Editor on Give Me An A

Luke Rex Psy.D. — Director and Executive Producer
I worked with Pete Szijarto on my short film, 'Bonding.' Pete was organized, efficient and a very good creative collaborator. I was very impressed with his attention to detail. The edit was slick, unique, and served the direction of the narrative brilliantly. We are in the early stages of our festival run and already Pete has been nominated twice for Best Editor, at the inaugural and spectacular Simi Film Fest in California, and secondly for Excellence in Editing at Pitch to Screen® Film Festival out of New York. Pete also offered to cut a trailer of the short which is simply scintillating. He has not surprisingly been nominated for 'Best Trailer' at Youngstown Film Festival in Ohio. I highly recommend using Pete's talents for your film editing needs - he is a creative professional that strives for excellence!
Luke was Director and Peter was Editor on Bonding

John Killoran — Director
Committed, collaborative, insightful, and talented, Pete was an invaluable asset to the postproduction process. He raised the level of our short film immeasurably while being a pleasure to work with throughout. I would hire him again in a split second (and next time I'd be sure to bring him on *before* postproduction, given what he brings to the table), and I would recommend any filmmaker do the same.
John was Director and Peter was Editor on School Nights

"Outliars," (As Editor)
2023 HollyShorts Official Selection
2022 HBO Catalyst Festival Official Selection
2022 Chelsea Film Festival Official Selection
2022 SoHo Film Festival Official Selection

"Bonding" (As Editor")
2023 LA Shorts Official Selection
2023 Siren By The Sea Festival Winner Best Film
2023 LA Shorts International Film Festival Official Selection
2023 LA Cinematography Awards Finalist
2023 St. Kilda Official Selection

"Give Me An A," (As segment "The Walk" Editor)
Streaming on all major platforms.
2023 Fantaspoa Official Selection
2022 Screamfest
2022 Brooklyn Horror Fest

"Uncle," Short Film (As Editor)
2023 Phoenixville Film Festival Official Selection
2022 LA Independent Women Film Awards Official Selection
2021 Fantastic Fest, Official Selection

"The Rotting of Casey Culpepper," (As Co-Editor, Producer)
2023 Sundance Institute
2022 Screamfest Official Selection
2022 Telluride Film Festival Official Selection
2022 Sitges Film Festival Official Selection
2022 Brussels International Film Festival Official Selection
2022 Panic Fest Best of Fest Short Film

"Seafoam," (As Co-Editor)
2022 Fantastic Fest Official Selection
2022 LA Shorts Film Festival Official Selection
2022 Hollyshorts Official Selection
2022 LA Independent Women Film Awards Official Selection

"School Nights" (As Editor)
2023 LA Under The Stars Film Festival Official Selection
2022 Santa Monica Film Festival Official Selection
2022 San Diego International Film Festival Official Selection
2022 NOHO Film Festival Official Selection

"Operation: White Boy," Short Film (As Editor)
2021 Portland Comedy Film Festival Official Selection
2021 Diversity in Cannes Film Festival Official Selection

"Loving In America," Web Series (As Editor)
2020 American Black Film Festival Jury Winner Best Web Series
2020 Tribeca Official Selection

"Chasing Cosby," Podcast Series (As Editor)
2020 Webby Award winner for Best True Crime Series

Adidas "Boston Marathon," Social Content (As Director / Lead Editor)
2020 Webby Awards, Nominated for Best in Social Sports and Best in Video & Live Experiences

"Three Over Ten," Documentary (As Director & Editor)
2019 jellyFest Selection
2019 Lift Off Amsterdam Official Selection

Geico "Disclaimer," Ad Campaign (As Director)
2018: Winner of a Silver Pencil, Mobile First, One Show
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